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This was my early-stage entreprenuer game changer! It really helped me to focus on business and personal gratitiude for the week to help maintain momentum to keep going. I used this template weekly and now I use it monthly.


Honour Your Build is about acknowledging the energy you are actively using to mould your business.


This template was created after a week of feeling fatigued and caught up in my head. I thought I wasn't getting anywhere and that I hadn't achieved much income, completed enough work or given more energy to my cause.


Once I wrote everything down I saw that I had definitely produced the numbers to add to my monthly financial goals, I had achieved new aligned clients and I had definitely been producing impactful material.

Honour your Build Reuseable Template

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  • Type into this template weekly or monthly and save as a new document or print off to use the prompts and handwrite into your dedicated business journal.