It is time to lead the world in a new and different way. It is time that we question all the old methods. We are here and ready with lots of sparky power energy for you!

This is exciting! Nga & I have revamped the Sophie Co. business coaching sessions to offer you double the impact seated at the CEO Roundtable.

This is all about bringing your dream idea into full functioning operation. The CEO Roundtable is all about sitting down together where we listen to your ideas, dreams, concerns and expansions.

We bring to you our research, genius and expertise to channel your power into workable systems that you can easily hold space for. It’s not about being extravagant or making business harder or more expensive - it’s about seeing yourself as the CEO and helping your mind catch up to your heart and soul.

So, if you're ready to surrender and open your heart, we're here and ready for you!
See you there!

Not long ago we were exactly where you are today. Feeling stuck for solutions, facing major challenges in our personal and professional lives, wondering whether life was meant to be this hard.

At the time, we came to a life intersection. We had two options: ‘Go all in’ or ‘keep making excuses’. We made a conscious decision to embrace our challenges and use them in our favour. Taking responsibility for our path taught us valuable life lessons and made us stronger for it. We realised that a positive mindset was our strongest advocate – and so can you.

We thrive on passing these lessons and strategies on to business owners like you. Let’s take control of your fears by setting realistic business goals and embracing your strengths. Together, we'll identify your challenges and shift these into a positive outlook that will ultimately transform you and your business.

We don’t just scratch the surface but get to the bottom of who you are as an individual and business owner. We believe in the person behind the business as the starting point to sustainable transformation both personally and professionally.

Come as you are and be surprised. There are no rights or wrongs. We explore your business and the story behind it together, identify where you can learn and what you’ve already mastered. We then set a roadmap for your business that excites you and gives you the tools to make those opportunities work in your favour.

Our approach is simple. Upskill on the strategy behind your business to help you build a confident brand identity that you love. Implement the tools and systems that allow you to automate things and experience a life in harmony that seemed so out of reach.

Running a business is a rewarding journey full of wins and doesn't have to feel like a constant struggles. You are not alone in this. We set you up with the skills, tools and remind you of the mindset that it takes to run a business that you’ll embrace as your happy place.

Are you ready to make your challenges work in your favour?


I was overwhelmed with what to do and where to begin to start an idea and transform it into money-earning business.

I learnt my brand is from my heart, Sophie's guidance and support to dig deep to find this was life-changing for me. I now embrace my work wholeheartedly, Sophie's insight into speaking your authentic self has created a clear picture for my business.

Sophie's beautiful way of wording what I was trying to speak was like she could read my mind and say it for me. I would say get off the fence and go run in the field with Sophie to connect with what your brand stands for!

WOW where do I begin..My business is flourishing and growing by the week! I am in my 5 week officially selling my classes and finding new students are coming to me every week. Sales are on the increase as my numbers grow.

Sophies understanding in branding blew my mind! She has the ability to connect who I am and present this in her exceptional knowledge on colours, fonts, and design work. It was beyond my expectations. I needed someone to remind me of what my Brand stood for, I sometimes would forget where it all started from.

Sophie was awesome at grounding me back to the place of what I stand for and remembering my 'why'.

Working with the Sophie & Mark was so inspiring and insightful. At times I was struggling to stay focused on building the high money earnings, also self-doubt would creep up in my mind. These sessions were incredible! The tools I learnt to bust through the self-doubt talk are just what every business owner needs! They supported me and they also gave strategies to keep moving forward to my goals. The team compliment each other with a wealth of knowledge and warmth in their delivery.

I have had times where I have nearly given up, and then I would have a session with these amazing humans. I felt cared for and supported! They would listen to me and suggest insights and options move through the barriers of my own mind, which in turn would have blocked my business from progressing had I not talked with them.

Sophie’s always willing and incredibly encouraging. Being able to work with someone so inspiring and knowledgeable has developed Fun Creative Co into more than I thought possible!"

Rachel xx
Fun Creative Co.
Music · Drama · PD for Teachers


"When I first came across Sophie and started working with her I had just started my business and up to that point had been entirely 'winging it'.

My issue was that I felt quite vulnerable as I was doing it all on my own without feedback or guidance and wanted someone knowledgeable to take a look at my work so far and provide suggestions on areas I could improve on.

In our first strategy session, Sophie and I spent some time defining what my brand was and wasn't, which up until that point hadn't been done before. This has proven to be so helpful as I find myself referring back to that in times where I'm unsure about something- it helps me make the best decisions for my business in so many areas!

Sophie was also able to point out improvements that needed to be
made on my website and gave me some 'next steps' to work towards to lift my game in many areas. She also challenged me to show my face on my instagram stories which I don't think I would have done if she hadn't really encouraged me to and also explained why it is so beneficial!

I felt reassured and confident that I was on the right track with my business and also relieved that you pointed out things I hadn't thought about (or even knew about that) I could work on! It was also really nice to be able to share everything with someone who was listening and 'got it' and was interested in what I was doing and what I had achieved so far. 

I would highly recommend Sophie, she is passionate about helping others to realise their potential, and not only grow within their businesses but also grow within themselves personally."

The Green Room
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90-Minute Private Zoom
Session with Nga & Sophie

$1,500 + GST


  • Helping you Reclaim your Power around Pricing Strategies
  • We'll help you Edge out of your Comfort Zone 
  • Define your Scalability Path and Calendar it in Realtime
  • Double the Impact with Two Successful Business Owners
  • Planning for Operation, Functionality & Design
  • Actionable Steps Forward
  • Expand your Business Potential
  • Maximise your Online Presence
  • Enhance your Business Immunity
  • An Emailed Debrief & Follow Through
  • ++ Unlimited messaging support for a week following
  • ++ Follow-up voice message from us 4-weeks later
  • ADD ONS: Branding, Design, Websites, Implementation, Tech Assistance



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