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The Wayfinding Effect is about looking at all the signs the lead us to our home. Our home is in ourselves. It is the purest essence of who we really are at our core.

The Spiritual Art of Navigation means to hold steady in your truth when there are storms. It means to be innately calm. It means to call upon your ancestors who are in your highest timeline for guidance and direction.

This private offering is for those who will brave through the past and pain to enter into newfound courage and spirit of a new future they never knew could exist.

This one on one program is for those who dare to 'step out of line' to realign with their very own most  divine authenticity and truth.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for guiding me on this journey to self certainty. You provided a safe and loving space, full of warmth and empathy making it easy for me to be vulnerable and to speak with no filter.

Completely beyond my expectations. Forever grateful to you for guiding me. This is the most peace I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

I feel like my whole soul has been shifted. My anxiety is at an all time low, my self certainty is the best it’s ever been (& will only get better) and I feel like I see the world/my future in a more positive light.

You have helped me heal and forgive past events that were holding me back in my present life.

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This is the Great Reversal
Returning to who you really are. At your core you have always been a courageous knock-out! 

This is Gracious Reparenting
Inner child healing means that you get to experience the purity of inner peace. This is where the healing intensifies beyond what you'd ever dreamed could be possible for you in this lifetime.

This is an Intentional Feat
Hand in hand we go head-first into this voyage together. We step into your truth with the greatest intentions right from the get-go. This has nothing to do with luck.

-->> To revolutionise your business to couple with your soul?

-->> Have your life, business and relationships flow with ease?

-->> Upgrade your living circumstances?

-->> Have undeniably graceful self-confidence?
-->> Discover divine inner peace through forgiveness?

-->> Heal the parts of you that you've kept secret?

-->> Become one with relationships that you can not change?

-->> Nurture and develop deeper self-love?

-->> Free your own self of anxiety?

-->> Start healing your own self of depression?

-->> Be, know & embody your own highest potential?

-->> Live from a place of self abundant power?

-->> Exercise your manifestation capabilities?

-->> Really, really, be and know the real YOU?

-->> Live a life of freedom that is so deep it can’t be measured?


The Wayfinding Effect
Coaching Program

  • 4x months 1:1 coaching
  • 10x video sessions
  • Sessions from 1-2.5 hours
  • Integration time
  • Inner child healing
  • Spiritual navigation map
  • Custom meditation series
  • Private voice & messaging access
  • Emailed debriefs & learning 
  • Extra 1-mth Integration Support
  • An additional 30-minute call 
  • Private messaging support
  • Private Facebook group access
  • In Week 3 you'll receive my very own custom made Soul Haven Self Care Kit
  • You'll also receive a graduating custom encoded Visual Affirmation Digital Collage

This Work was my Voyage.

It is where I learnt to become Intimately Familiar with the Oceans of Life.

You too can experience the Power in a Growing Awareness for the Currents, Swells, Clouds, Stars and other Natural Phenomena that Life Brings.

Thank you for helping me form a foundation of self love, self care and for bringing to light the confidence I have always had but had been hidden away.

This has had a positive impact on my sleep patterns, my thought patterns, my professional life, my relationships and more importantly how I feel about myself 😭

As a result I find I am so much more engaged in the present and a lot more aware of my blessings and the good things around me. I feel that I am more receptive of love and am more aware of giving from a place of love. It is truly a lovely place to be. 

This is the best investment I have ever made! Doing the self-work with you was invaluable.

When you have a deeper understanding of yourself, your values and your own description of success, your day to day quality of work/life will improve.

When you are being your authentic self you will naturally choose and attract clients/jobs/people/friendships/hobbies that align with you and your values.

My life has been SO much better since I've done work with you. 

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Integration means to put together parts or elements and combine them into a whole.

This process is becomes an opportunity for you to embody all of the revelations, aha moments, wisdoms and awakenings you have experienced on your spiritual navigation journey.

These movements or shifts are not always instantly felt. At times they are subtle and grow by they day or the week or in our dreams. You might not tangibly see it but you definitely feel change within yourself.

To be completely honest here, it is not always fun, unicorns, rainbows and cotton candy! I can tell you first hand, that most of the time this integration period has you crying, calling out for comfort, stripping back to rawness, exhausted and tired. And this is where self care comes in. This is where you learn the most.

This is where your physical body and mind start to catch up with your spirit and soul. This is where you get to fully surrender and let the river carry you and trust the currents.

These parts are where you start to take action. You will pull out all your armoury, learnings, skillsets and practices. These are some of the most exciting parts of the voyage.

This really is the embodiment of your soul's wisdom.
You begin to lead by example.

This is where 'the work' really becomes humanly visible. Although in the depths of it you feel as if you're going to lose, I'm telling you, you're only ever going to win!

I will be there 100% of the way with you. You will not be alone.

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